Saturday, February 19, 2011

Generation to Generation

The ASC competition is about much more than bragging rights. On Saturday morning, before the awards are announced, the hundreds of talented students involved have a chance to meet and greet with potential employers. Many of them walk away with internships or interviews, and every contact made is a valuable tool.

Boise State Marine Team faculty coach Bill Mincks explained that the experience over the last three days is intended to help the next generation of construction managers not only discover their passions but also connect them to the right people in the generation already working across the United States and the world. Unlike so many other academic disciplines these days, CM has events like this that essentially are direct pipelines to the job market. If you prove your worth in this arena, chances are you'll get the proverbial foot in the door.

Best of luck to the Boise State undergraduates making the rounds at the fair. In a matter of minutes, the winners of the competition will be announced, but the strategizing for next year has already begun.

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