Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Power in Numbers

First things first. More than 70 Boise State construction management students gathered (and high-fived) under the lights at the Nugget tonight, representing many, many collective brain cells and dreams of domination. The evening brought together more than 1,000 students from all over the country, but none seemed to cheer as loud as the Broncos when the blue logo flashed on the big screen.

Shimmick Construction Co. equipped all of the teams with competition T-shirts, and Stacy and Witbeck treated the entire group to a lavish meal and inspirational speeches by three of the company's finest -- engineers Jesse Williams and John Bocknecht and senior vice president John Zehner. Although their styles were different, all three essentially said the same thing. It's the intangible qualities that shine the brightest, and doing your best should be a given.

After dinner, a prize drawing of donated goodies made a few lucky winners very happy, and a few others very embarrassed. Everything from cameras to iPods and tools were doled out, and the big ticket items came at a price. Three winners had to show their sweetest dance moves to the room (video coming soon). Let's just say there was one valiantly attempted worm, some violent knee thrusting, and a trio attempting to do the monkey and the sprinkler at the same time. Fortunately, after the competition, most of these people will have day jobs.

Now it's off to bed. The alarm goes off at 5:30 sharp.

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